Our Story

MEWS (myooz) – Primarily British for stables down a courtyard behind a castle or along a lane.

Down a courtyard behind a building…a mews! That’s where our original location was and how it got it’s name back in 1964 when originators Nicky & Ray Wells started the restaurant. Ray was preparing the area for the business and found a bridle. After some research she discovered that the space was a stable where horses would cart oysters from the bay to Commercial Street. In 1993 we moved to our current location taking with us several antique articles including wood carvings from 1892.

The front part of the bar is made up of panels including a sliding door on it’s side from the Prudential building in Newark, New Jersey. The largest building in the state at that time was a modernistic marvel. Unfortunately it was demolished in the late 1950’s. Photos of this building are at the bar and under “Prudential” in the “Our Story” page on this website .