In September, 1890 ground was broken for the Prudential Building. In May 1892 it was occupied by the company and tenants.

The style of architecture is Romanesque, or the round arch style, with old medieval carvings and details.


It has frontage on Broad Street of 97 feet, and extends back on Bank Street 186 feet. It had 10 full stories and an attic. It’s height, from curb to cornice, being 160 feet and the roof peaks 215 feet.


5,000,000 bricks, 4,000 square feet of burnt clay blocks for partitions, 2 miles of iron columns, and 10 miles of beams and girders were used in the construction of the building. It contains 600 doors, 500 windows, and 3 1/2 acres of floor space.


On the ground floor the woodwork is Indiana quartered oak, and on the second floor it is dark Mexican mahogany.


The upper stories are finished in selected ash.