Sunday Brunch

Burratta & Beets  15
Sweet kale pesto, pistachios & micro basil.

Arugula Salad  12
Heirloom tomatoes, shaved Romano & lemon/basil vinaigrette.

The Classic Caesar  12
Garlicky dressing.

Warm Feta Salad  15
Braised endive, olives, balsamic reduction & feta with warm pita bread.

Eggs Benedict  9
Two poached eggs on an English muffin with Black Forest ham and hollandaise sauce.

Lobster Benedict  17
As above with fresh lobster meat.

Smoked Salmon Croissant "Benny"  14
Two poached eggs over sliced smoked salmon, with hollandaise sauce and fries.

Huevos Venezolanos  9

Omelet Of The Day  12
Server will describe.

French Toast  10
A Mews version of this classic with a touch of Cointreau and orange juice served with a medley of fresh fruit, whipped cream and maple syrup.

Crepes "Croque Monsieur"  12

Shrimp Cocktail  12
Six shrimp with cocktail sauce.

Oysters Mignonette  16|30
6 or 12 with tarragon vinegar, shallot & jalapeño sauce. All oysters are from Wellfleet to Chatham.

Fish & Chips  16
Local cod or haddock, corn meal breaded with tartar sauce, cloeslaw & fries.

Lobster Salad on Croissant  18
Generous heaping of lobster tossed with a red onion / cilantro mayonnaise sauce.

Wild Boar Naan "Pizza"  12
Tender boar meat richly flavored with chili peppers, cinnamon and clove over baked naan bread cut into six pizza-like slices topped with roasted radicchio, mushrooms and Chèvre cheese.

Smoked Salmon Platter  12
Thinly sliced salmon with capers and red onion served with honey mustard.

Pasta Pesto  19
Garganelli pasta, toasted pine nuts & roasted red peppers.

  Add to pasta or risotto:
Chicken + 6 | Scallops + 12 | Hot Italian Sausage + 6 | Roast Fish + 12

Mews Burger  15
Half pound of all-natural Angus beef.

  Add to burger:
Cheddar or Goat Cheese + 1
Huntsman, Gorgonzola Basil Butter or Bacon + 2

JR's BBQ Burger  14
Mews Burger with applewood smoked bacon, homemade BBQ sauce plus 22 ingredients!

Huntsman Burger  16
Mews burger with Stilton & double Gloucester cheeses.

Some items are seasonal or limited in quantity and may be subject to availability.