Mixed Greens  15
Toasted Chevrette cheese, heirloom tomatoes, crisp prociutto, pickled red onions, red wine vinaigrette.

Burrata & Beets  15
Sweet kale pesto, pistachios & micro basil.

The Classic Caesar  12
Original Alex Cardini preparation.

Baby Iceberg Lettuce  15
Grey Barn Farm (Martha's Vineyard) organic blue cheese, lardon, micro arugula, balsamic vinegar.

Smoked Duck Chop Salad  16
Chopped smoked duck, chestnuts, cranberries, dried corn, scallions, carrot, frisée, spinach, maple cranberry vinaigrette.

  Add to any salad:
White Anchovies 2 | 10 oz Statler Chicken Breast 12 | Scallops 12 | Italian Sausage 6 | Roast Fish 12

Some items are seasonal or limited in quantity and may be subject to availability.