Ron Robin

General Manager

Yes, they call him The Man in The Mews. Ron Robin has spent most of his life entertaining people. As a music and talk jock for some of Boston’s major radio stations, he introduced Boston to its first full time disco radio station, WBOS. He was the first with a locally produced television disco dance music show “Stagedoor Disco”. After moving to WBZ radio to do talk, he was able to pull some of the highest ratings in his time slot. Other television credits include “Evening Magazine” and “For Kids Only” on CBS TV4, “Good Morning” on WCVB TV5, and various commercials and guest shots.

As a professor at Emerson College he brought a more entertaining approach to higher education. Ron takes his experiences of pleasing and entertaining people to The Mews where he wants to make sure every guest has a dining “experience” and is not just “getting something to eat”.

“We like to make everything pleasant and especially delicious” says Ron. “Our servers are not only here to serve, but to be courteous, friendly, helpful and informed. We care about one another as well as our customers. That’s what makes us all one big family”.

Karl Dietz

Restaurant Manager

Karl is a true New Englander and Cape Codder. Born in Boston, MA he grew up vacationing in Chatham where he still has family. His education at the University of Vermont came in handy for his world travels. He has a BA in Western European Studies. Both before and after his college days, he lived in Germany, Switzerland, Portland Oregon, Los Angeles, San Francisco (where he was the manager of the Hyatt) Washington DC, New York City and Boston. Being fluent in French and German made him quite popular during his frequent ski visits to Switzerland, but in the long run it was the hospitality industry that caught his attention. So, he was off to Cape Cod Community College for Hotel and Restaurant Management. After having managed, waited and bartended at various restaurants in and out of Provincetown, we snagged him and The Mews has been his home since 2002. His sparkling smile, friendly personality, and an uncanny ability to know where everybody needs to be seated during busy dinner times all add to another wonderful Mews family member. Interestingly we have more Scorpios on our staff than any other zodiac sign and yes, he’s another one.

Laurence deFreitas

Executive Chef

Born in British Guiana, Chef Laurence has had the fortunate experience of growing up around intercontinental flavors. After a formal education in Herfordshire England, he returned to what became known as Guyana and was surrounded by the tastes, smells and cultures of the West Indies, Asia and India. He migrated to Montreal and then to Toronto where he completed his formal education at George Brown College. He was now ready to fulfill his dream of sharing his culinary expertise with the public. After a stint at a Toronto restaurant, he moved to Key West Florida and opened The Fountains in the old historic Cuban Club Café where he was chef. Once again as chef, he became a celebrity as the result of many complimentary articles written about him, his restaurant, his unique approach to food and his uncanny ability to combine flavors. After serving as chef at two well known Provincetown restaurants, Chef Laurence brought his skills to The Mews.

We are proud to have a chef who is not afraid to experiment with that harmony in every dish he creates. We are especially proud to have had Laurence de Freitas as Executive Chef since 1989.

Pingle Bowden

Bar Manager

How would anyone get a name like that… just leave it to her older sister who, as a 4 year old, sang “I’ve got spurs that jingle jangle pingle!”. She liked how that sounded and called her little sister that ever since and so do we! You’d think that a song about spurs, would come from cowboy country… you’re right! Pingle grew up in Midland Texas but couldn’t wait to get out. So at 21 she took her first job right here in Provincetown at the Provincetown Inn. That only lasted one season before she got the itch for adventure and travel. She has traveled and lived in Germany where she was an au pair. Greece, Israel (just after the 6 day war) Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Afganistan, India, Nepal, Japan (where she celebrated her 30th birthday), Singapore, Malaysia, Guam, Borneo (climbing the highest peak), Australia and then back to the USA to Alaska and to Hawaii at Hamburger Mary’s and America Hawaii Cruise Lines where she saved a man’s life as he was just about to fall into the ship’s anchor well. At one point, Pingle, who loves people, attended stewardess school. This is a great job for someone who loves people, but the school had strict rules and curfew and that wasn’t her style at all. She was caught climbing the fence to get back into the dorms, at 3AM, wearing spiked heels and fishnet stockings!

Of her amazing life’s journey, Pingle says, “You have to have curiosity and an adventuresome soul, and not much sense, or fear. I sure don’t”. The adventure continues with every drink she makes here at The Mews and there is still that Texan warmth and hospitality as she calls you “darlin” from time to time. Pingle arrived here at the Mews in 1988 and we try to come up with various adventurous tasks to hold her interest. So far its worked. But now she’s talking about going to Antarctica in a few years! Help!

Caroline Putnam

Assistant Restaurant Manager

Born in New York City and raised in Connecticut, Caroline has made frequent forays into other parts of the world but kept finding herself drawn back to New England. After graduating Cum Laude from Boston University with a degree in Pre Law, she promptly shelved her diploma to make an attempt at modeling. Upon learning that her first assignment would be to man a kissing booth at an Eastern Pilot Association event to gain “exposure” rather than pay, Caroline abandoned this career for a sensible job in the financial services sector in Boston.

A visit to Provincetown in 1989 led to an impromptu decision to buy a house in Truro and move to the Outer Cape full time with her family. Caroline worked for many years at some of P-town’s finest retail stores; Mary DeAngelis / Daniel Cleary, Turning Point and Moda Fina.

She arrived at The Mews in 2008 and knew she had finally found her home. When she isn’t greeting you at the door, Caroline can be found shaking it up behind the bar.